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The Slingerland® Literacy
Institute is a non-profit organization that trains teachers to instruct students struggling with reading, writing and spelling skills. The Slingerland® Approach teaches oral and written language skills in the classroom to all types of learners, especially those with dyslexia. The Slingerland® Multisensory Structured Language Teacher Training Course is accredited at the Teaching and Instructor of Teaching levels by the International Multisensory Structured Language Educational Council (IMSLEC).

The Slingerland® Literacy Institute was founded in 1977 to carry on the work of Beth H. Slingerland. It provides training in the techniques, knowledge and understanding necessary for identifying and teaching children with Specific Language Disability (dyslexia). The Institute conducts field research in a continual effort to evaluate, improve and refine the Slingerland® Approach while preserving its integrity.

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