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Card Set of Individual Pocket Chart Card Set of Individual Pocket Chart

Includes all letters found in the alphabet cards for pocket chart (item no. 6219)

Price: $6.83
6+ Pricing: $5.12
Cursive Alphabet Wall Cards Cursive Alphabet Wall Cards

These cards can be used in the classroom -- Each card contains key word picture, key word and upper and lower case cursive letters.

Price: $30.61
6+ Pricing: $22.96
Manuscript Alphabet Wall Cards Manuscript Alphabet Wall Cards

Letter size manuscript cards with letter, key word and picture.

Price: $30.61
6+ Pricing: $22.96
Manuscript Letter Wall Cards w/o Pictures Manuscript Letter Wall Cards w/o Pictures

Lined cards with upper and lower case manuscript letters

Price: $24.00
Sale Price: $17.00
Save $7.00!
Phonogram, Prefix and Suffix Strips Phonogram, Prefix and Suffix Strips

Cards suitable for pocket chart for working with phonograms, suffixes and prefixes.

Price: $43.47
6+ Pricing: $32.60
Small Manuscript Alphabet Cards Small Manuscript Alphabet Cards

For use in a chart holder by the student and teachers in forming words ...

Price: $18.80
6+ Pricing: $14.10
Spelling Rule Card Pack Spelling Rule Card Pack

These cards are used when introducing adding suffixes to words that need spelling changes.

Price: $16.75
6+ Pricing: $12.56
Teacher's Handpack Teacher's Handpack

The handpack is intended for teaching simultaneous visual-auditory-kinesthetic associations of the individual letters of the alphabet, vowel-consonant-e words, phonograms, (digraphs and dipthongs) and letter combinations.

Price: $18.80
6+ Pricing: $14.10
Yellow Card Pack Yellow Card Pack

Review cards containing multiple spellings for common consonant and vowel sounds.

Price: $16.75
6+ Pricing: $12.56